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It doesn't event deserve the 1 star rating....

I was told about this place by my hairdresser and so I thought I would give it a try. I usually order my extension on line from a place in LA, but recently the availability of stock had gotten low and I was looking forward to going to an actual store and walking out with the hair.

I found the boutique in NoHo with no problem, had to wait outside for a bit because the sales person was in the back, but not a big deal. Their selection is pretty limited because they do not offer different colors, but their whole thing is that the hair is unprocessed so to dye it would not be keeping with their intentions to sell "virgin hair". I bought the 2 packages from the pure collection and a closure. It looked great, I was very happy with my full head weave and got tons of compliments. I usually keep my closures for 8 months but will buy fresh hair every time I do a new weave. About 2 months into wearing the closure, I noticed that the hair was thinning in a major way on top. It looked like I was sick and losing my hair - it was devastating! I had about 4 more weeks before my next appointment, and my stylist is booked up until then so I couldn't come in for an emergency fix. I resorted to wearing hats all the time.

I went back to the store today because I finally will be getting my hair redone next Saturday. I still loved the way the hair looked and felt so I was going to buy new hair and discuss with them the situation with the closure. Either they were going to make me a happy customer (aka offer to fix it or give me a new one, give me a discount - something!) or I would just buy the hair and get a new closure somewhere else.

I get to the store about 20 minutes before it's scheduled to close. I stand outside for a while, no-one appears to be inside. I knock on the door, wait a bit more and was about to leave when Toya finally came into view. She has a plastic smile on her face but what I really saw was someone who was upset that I had interrupted her doing whatever it was that she was doing in the back. Anyway, not a big deal, I just want to get what I came to get and go about my day. I tell her the hair I want and then I show her the mess of the closure. She does not acknowledge that the hair piece looks bad (I mean ridiculous bad!), she just plasters her fake smile and says that I can go to a women who can fix the closure for me. Great! they will fix their faulty product - great solution! Oh no no no.... What Toya meant was that I could go and pay someone additional money, who did not work for Indique, to fix this faulty product - this was very telling to me - If she can whip off this person's number off the top of her head, obviously they send a lot of customers to this person to fix their shoddy hairpieces. Mine was not a unique situation!

I explain to Toya that is really not an option because I do not intend to spend any more money on this shoddy, crappy closure - I have already spent $300.00!!!! With her plastic, now sarcastic smile, she calmly says that is not her problem, she is just giving me the option - I can do whatever I want to do. I then calmly back explain that I would like to know what options there are to explore with Indique and the number she should be giving me is for someone within the company who can tell me what they can do for me. She gives me customer service number, which is great - I'll take it up with them.

In the end, I did not end up buying the other hair extensions that I planned to purchase because of Toya's attitude through the whole experience. She could not seem to grasp that as a customer service representative, I did not expect her to be able to give me a new closure for free or to give me a discount, I know there are limits on what can be done at the store level. But what I did expect is that as a representative of the company, she would at least acknowledge that what I showed her is not acceptable by Indique quality standards and that she would be helpful in directing me to who could help rectify the situation. Instead, she was condescending, rude and had the attitude that I was bothering her Sunday. She also convinced me that Indique definitely has a quality issue if they have someone on hand to fix their shoddy products. I've had issues in the past with hair extensions stripping off the weft or some other issue and the Companies (Lugo, Adorables) have always been happy to compensate me and rectify the situation because they understand the importance of quality and customer service.

Don't just take my advice, check out other reviews on Indique - the quality is not worth the money and the poor customer service will make your head spin.

Product or Service Mentioned: Indique Hair Hair Extension.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I used to sell Indique, actually brought it to DALLAS, TX as the first actual Distributor in TX and dissolved my relationship over these exact same issues you speak of.

to Anonymous Springfield, Virginia, United States #1093289

Anyone know of a distributor for good quality weave hair?

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #972843

The first time I ever purchased indique this happened to me. That was my 1st and last closure piece.

I worked in high end retail so I have to look completely put together. I had to wear scarves, headbands and found creative ways to hide the "sick" look that the shedding closure exposed. My stylist tried to "fix" it since he is the one who referred me to the brand but it just looked horrible no matter what and was too far gone to exchange. $300 down the drain...

On the up side the rest of the weave (all Pure Wavy) was incredible. I've purchased the hair since 2012 and its the only hair I use. Each bundle has last me at least 1 year... Most 1.5 - 2 years!

So I've definitely gotten my moneys worth. I always buy my hair at a authorized retailer but I'm considering buying online... All of these reviews are making me nervous.

I don't want to get stuck with a bad batch.. I will say that 1 or 2 bundles had excessive shedding but that was after 1 year of use.

Leland, North Carolina, United States #845179

My sister's Indique hair lasted about 5 months. It really should've done better for the price she paid which was a little over $500.

I read some great reviews on ALX hair, seen some videos and then decided to try it. I will be seriously buying this hair until I die. The customer service is awesome and it is so soft and manageable and real! I usually get my hair touched up every week and a half but now I go to my beautician once every 3 weeks.

There is no shedding or tangling. When it is washed, it spruces right back to its original state.

I ordered a pack of 18" Malaysian and 16" Brazilian and they blend perfectly. Indique's poor quality and customer service is reprehensible and their false advertising should be censured!


They have the worst customer services. I have been a client for four years sent referred clients to them, bought some hair recently and the texture was horrid after a week, I called they said send it back and so I did.

They told me it would be tested, and I should be hearing from them in 24 hours... That didn't happen, I called and now they are refusing to replace the obviously defected hair....

Bad customers service... Now I am no longer I client...


Middletown, New York, United States #782671

I just started ordering hair from Indique this past summer 2013 as recommended by my stylist. The first batch (Bounce Straight) and the second batch (Pure Wavy) were beautiful but my third batch (10 pc clip set) was horrible.

It tangled and turned into literally a birds nest. I emailed Indique and they referred me to their customer service rep Shamekia Franklin. She was the best! She told me I had to send the hair back via UPS (no cost to me) to their testing center and she would get back in touch with me within a week.

After a week she called me, said the hair was defective and told me I could get another batch of hair for equal value. She was professional, friendly and always answered my e-mails or returned my calls if I had any questions.

I give Indique customer service a 10!! Thanks Shamekia

to Goodnplenti54 Columbus, Ohio, United States #1128808

Shamekia is awesome. She is very professional, and knowledgeable. I will only talk with her when I call in.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, United States #704487

Where do you grt your weaves from now and is it 100% pure

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #644725

I've been a loyal Indique client for three years and loved their products; however, my most recent purchase of 14" BOUNCE Relaxed Straight from their NYC SOHO location changed this perception. The pack was defective and the “non-shedding” and “tangle-free” qualities that the company advertises did not prove to be true with the pack that was sold to me, as the hair tangles, mattes, and sheds immensely.

As mentioned, I have been an Indique client since 2010. Throughout this period, I have traveled abroad on numerous occasions, as well as lived abroad in Europe for a year, where I wore BOUNCE Relaxed Straight. Between international and domestic living since 2010, never encountered problems with any previous Indique hair purchases, as I would wash it bi-weekly with a mild shampoo (in a downward motion), condition it just as often, use a heat protectant when applying hot tools, and apply minimal oil products.

Nonetheless, the pack that was sold to me was unsatisfactory. My hair regimen had not changed since having it installed; however, the daily caring for and bi-weekly shampooing and conditioning has become unduly stressful, because of the tangling, matting, and shedding.

I contacted Indique headquarters to report the problem and they referred me to the manager at the Indique SOHO store, instead. She asked me to send in a sample of the hair, never quite indicating how much, so that they could run a quality strand test. Once the hair was sent in (mind you, I had to return to my hairdresser, pay an additional fee to have the pieces removed), I received a phone call from the SOHO manager and she indicated that the pack was not enough--they needed close to 2 ounces.

I found this to be certainly inconveniencing. Indique only provides 4 oz, so they essentially asked me to walk around with my hair half-done, representing their product. Needless to say, the manager refused to honor my complaint and hair return.

A loyal Indique customer of three years is no longer a customer anymore. I have no problem paying an arm and a leg for something I truly want, but I expect quality in both the product and customer service and this wasn't rendered.

New York City, New York, United States #635745

I bought a 22 inch fishnet curly hair and I wasted 300 on it. I really dislike this hair it sheds a lot and has a *** of a lot of split ends never again will I waste my rime and money.

I found a better hair supplier and their prices are very sexy ...

Mtg in jersey city( check them out) also, I felt like slapping the sales girl for lying and saying that MTG is their sister company( BS) I'll Never buy Indique hair again I don't care which celebrity is wearing it ..... Ooh yeah I had the fishnet for almost 3 weeks

to Madas*** Wyandanch, New York, United States #637752

I bought the bounce relaxed straight from the Soho boutique and it did look very lovely for about 2 weeks but once I washed it, it became very stringy and then from shedding. It shed as soon as I had it installed, the company does not issue full refunds so they told me I can take out the install and ship it back to them.

I did just that, it took about 3 weeks before I received the new bundles and during that time I still had to pay to buy hair elsewhere and pay a stylist to install it. The new hair was a little better but again it still shed.

I spent approximately $400 plus dollars on hair that didn't even last me for 2 months. I don't recommend buying this hair.

to Anonymous Newark, New Jersey, United States #690466

I'm currently putting together a class action lawsuit and would like you to sign a petiton. Our comunity is being robbed of money spent on false advertising of hair extensions. I as well had the same reaction and your post sounds exactly like my issue.

to TJN Oakland, California, United States #705545

I would love to sign

to TJN #708288

I had the same problem but with Extensions Plus in Los Angeles. Would this class action suit be for Indique Hair only?

It's a shame waht hese retailers of "human hair" are doing to their clients!!

And to think we're spending an average of $300 per order. This quality of hair is unacceptable for these prices!!

to TJN Louisville, Kentucky, United States #972834

How did your lawsuit turn out? If it is still ongoing I'd sign

to Madas*** #797232

Mtg really is there sister company thou...I think they own like three companies and sell all the same hair.

to Money honey Park City, Utah, United States #954177


to Madas*** Great Barrington, Massachusetts, United States #1231073

MTG is in fact their sister company. It's called IHI hair now.

Oxford, Massachusetts, United States #626976

sounds like you were wronged by a bad apple. Dont let one apple spoil it for you.

Indique hair is quality that I can attest to. Call customer service, ask to speak with her boss.


I had a similar experience with Indique Hair. I had the hair in my head for less than 2 weeks and it was matted, etc.

I took photos and connected with the boutique downtown Manhattan. I was told that once the hair is installed they are not responsible. That's crazy..you can not tell if the hair is not good until you install it. Everything looks great while on display.

Needless to say, I was pissed that I invested so much money in hair that I only used for 2 weeks. I will post a review on Yelp with the photos.

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